The Boys

The Boys

"This isn't an investigation! It's rubbish!" In 1999, a murder broke out in a small supermarket in Samrye, Jeollabuk-do. And on that day, there was no truth. Upon the homicide, the police point out three boys living in the neighborhood as the culprits. As a result, the boys become murderers overnight and are imprisoned cluelessly. The following year, a tip reaches the newly appointed veteran detective, Hwang Jun-cheol, prompting him to reopen the case to clear the boys of their charges. However, Detective Hwang is eventually demoted due to the interference of Choi Wu-seong, the detective responsible for the case at the time. 16 years later, the only witness, Yun Mi-suk, and the boys return to find Detective Hwang. Who turned them into murderers? A drama based on a true story about boys who were falsely accused of murder, and detectives determined to catch the real culprit.
Released: 2023
Casts: Seol Kyung-gu, Jun-sang Yu, Yoon Byung-hee
Duration: 124 min
Country: South Korea

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