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Beginning in 2019, we have been steadily expanding. Our consumers are satisfied with our streaming service because it offers free streaming, HD quality, and quick download speeds from the greatest video servers, including vidcloud, hydrax, mp4upload, vidstream, streamtape, and mycloud. Your favorite films and television programs are available for download and live streaming at all times. When the primary MyFlixer domain went down, several low-quality replicas that looked like the original site were created. Therefore, if you want to remain up to date, kindly bookmark the MyFlixer official website and follow us on Twitter page here


What is MyFlixer?
On the free streaming website MyFlixer, you may watch movies and television shows with a variety of genres, including Action, Comedy, Shooting, Sport, History, Thriller, and more. Your favorite movie or television show will always be available thanks to MyFlixer's daily updates.


How safe is MyFlixer? Is using MyFlixer legal?
Safety is one of the main concerns when watching movies for free online. Being picky about the sites you visit makes perfect sense. You may, however, relax since MyFlixer has long been one of the safest places for movie buffs to hang around. And these are the reasons the website receives millions of visits each month.


MyFlixer Proxy sites?
MyFlixer io, MyFlixer se, and MyFlixer to are a few of the proxy websites you may use to access MyFlixer. Numerous fraudulent MyFlixer sites exist since so many people desire to make quick money. Therefore, before clicking on them, you should always check their evaluations and comments. Please visit for a complete list of the MyFlixer Proxy network. is currently unavailable to UK customers; instead, kindly use this new Proxy site:

Why should you stream movies from MyFlixer?

  • 1. Safety

Never provide your sensitive information or credit card number online if it's not absolutely essential. This is one of the most fundamental truths you should never learn the hard way. You may be confident the website is secure, though, since no login or registration is required to view free movies on MyFlixer.

  • 2. Minimal UI design

A straightforward layout is crucial since most of us lack the patience to spend the time learning how to use a website. You simply need to use the search bar or the fantastic filter on the website to watch free movies and TV series on MyFlixer. You may also look at IMDB suggestions and the most popular, trending movies if you're seeking for something entertaining to watch. By waiting until a description box with a title's most basic details—such as its release year, IMDB rating, plot, actor information, etc.—pops up, you may also save time.

  • 3. Extensive content library

One of MyFlixer's greatest assets is its library of motion pictures and television shows in the highest quality (often HD). You are quite likely to find anything you're searching for at MyFlixer, whether it's the newest releases or old favorites from your youth, big-budget Hollywood productions or independent films from your area.

  • 4. Streaming experience

It is quick, easy, and free. Normally, you could only choose one, but MyFlixer checks all three. Despite the fact that the website is free, you are given a quality viewing experience with quick loading times and little to no buffering.

  • 5. Device compatibility

MyFlixer supports Chromecast and is mobile-friendly, so you can watch movies and TV shows on any device.

  • 6. Ads and popups

They are essential to the existence of any streaming service, but MyFlixer doesn't appear avaricious. Ads and pop-ups will occasionally appear, but overall, the viewing experience is quite smooth.

  • 7. Great customer care

We provide excellent customer service at MyFlixer. Simply submit a request if a link is broken or you can't find the desired movie. Since it often only takes a few days for us to update the links, our team will make every effort to fulfill your requests.

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MyFlixer is a website that streams free movies without any advertising. With over 10,000 movies and TV shows available, you may watch movies online without signing up or paying anything. If you'd like, you may also download full movies from MyFlixer to view at a later time.